Snake Cat Amazon Rainforest, is it Real?

 A picture of black cat took over the internet. The cat show bright yellow patches appears to look quite similar to the scales of a reptile, . It is not just the physical appearance, Everything about it got everyone talking. The name of the creature is Serpen catus. A tweet says “Serpens catus is the rarest species of feline on Earth . These Animals live in hard-to-reach regions of the Amazon rainforest, and therefore they are relatively poorly studied. The first images capturing the snake cat appeared only in the year 2020. Weighs up to 4 stone.”

Claimed as the rarest species of Felidae on Earth, just with one glance to it, anyone will know why it is breaking the Internet. The color of this cat is beautiful. But, there is one problem with this creature, the snake cat amazon rainforest is NOT REAL. There are no scientific journals or reports confirming the existence of a legitimate Amazon snake cat at the time of publication.

Palaeos, a Mexico-based Spanish language science resource that aims to educate the public, has refuted the Amazon snake cat photo on Facebook and has suggested the image was generated by artificial intelligence. Some readers in the internet added context they thought people might want to know: This is [an] altered picture of a cat or a [newly] created picture," the note says. "Experts have advised there are no species like this cat."

For most people, this Amazonian creature  was Photoshopped. Probably, someone was inspired by the Gold-ringed cat snake. Gold-ringed cat snake is a species of rear-fanged venomous snake endemic to southeast Asia.

Black scale with golden yellow stripes all over its body. Gold-ringed cat snake  was famous for its ferocious snake. Shiny black skin scales with sharp black eyes. Gold-ringed cat snake would always be on alert if danger threatened it. The glass eyes would terrify anyone who looked at them.

Latin name of Gold-ringed cat snake is Boiga dendrophila. This snake is widespread in Southeast Asia. In Indonesia, the Gold-ringed cat snake is easy to find on the islands of Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Sumatra, Riau Islands, Bangka-Belitung, and Java. The tropical climate and rainforests of Indonesia are the habitat of the Gold-ringed cat snake. However, wet and humid mangrove forests are the main habitat for this snake.

The Gold-Ringed Cat Snake belongs to the category of aboreal animals. Trees are the main place to find food. When climbing a tree, this snake uses its long tail to hold its body. The Golden Ringed Snake is an adept tree climber.

The Gold-Ringed Cat Snake is a nocturnal snake. At night, this snake is actively looking for prey. But during the day, this snake is easy to find perched on a tree. The shady trees camouflage it from the hot sun and attacks by predators.

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