Ornamental Plant from Peat forest in Heart of Borneo

Some people maybe think that Putussibau, the capital of Kapuas Hulu district, has least entertainment. But for some others, Putussibau has many refreshing places that are really refreshing. One of it is the wide rainforest around the city.

Walking in peat swamps tropical rainforest in hot springs with rogue mosquitoes is quite enough to turning on our refresh button. Walking under the canopy of high trees, enjoying the birds singing, photograph some rainforest flowers and the most dramatic is ... when Enggang or Rangkong clap their wings when they move from one too another tree. Although it is no longer primary forest with high biodiversity, some interesting tropical species are relatively easy to find in these forests. Some of these can be seen below.

The pitcher of this Nepenthes looks so solid, thick and hard.

Nepenthes ampullaria, small green pitcher
Wild Pipper,
Wild Orchid
Ant Plant

Ant plant, this plant is relatively easy to find in West Kalimantan. Relatively very easy to find in the trees that grow on the river bank in the rainforest. Even on the main road road leading to Putussibau from Sintang, we can find people grow this plant in their front yard. Ant plant is known to have great benefits for health. One of the people of Kapuas Hulu who keep this plant, tells that one member of his family managed to lower his blood sugar in a relatively short time by consuming the stew of ant nest plant stems.

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