Amazing Sounds of Bornean Gibbons at Heart of Borneo

The village of Sriwangi is one of the villages within the Muller mountain rainforest ecosystem. This ecosystem area is an important habitat for a variety of flora-fauna, including among the species belonging to the category of endangered rare and endemic flora and fauna. Based on observations on the rainforests in the Sriwangi village, Sriwangi village has woody plant species as the main land cover. Some of the species are bengkirai, yellow merani, white meranti, red meranti, keladan, tekam and belian (ironwood). Non-timber forest products consist of rattan, resin, Tongkat Ali, Illipe Nut, gaharu, durian, bamboo and rubber.

Some rare animals can also be found in the rain forest area of Sriwangi village, some of the species that inhabit Sriwangi village area are honey bear, orangutan, branch tiger, kelempiau and so on. On one of the trips exploring the rainforest area of the village of Sriwangi, we had the opportunity to see a gaggle of kelempiau (Bornean Gibbon) playing above the trees. The sound of this endangered rainforest animals blooms in the air. Unfortunately we did not have time to take their pictures, only voice can be recorded on our camera. Below is a video of the forest area where the sound of one of the rainforest animals with its extraordinary voice.

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